Questions About Pocari Sweat

 What drink Pocari Sweat it?

Pocari Sweat is the body's soft drink replacement fluids, containing electrolyte / ion.Fluids in our body does not consist only of water, but also electrolytes (proof: sweat tastes salty). Therefore, to replace lost body fluids (partly because of sweating), drinking water alone is not enough. 

POCARI SWEAT what it sort of energy drink? 
's not. Pocari Sweat does not provide additional power as energy drinks, but replace lost body fluids, especially the content of the electrolyte. Thus, freshness of the body due to lack of electrolytes can be overcome.

What POCARI SWEAT was the same as the infusion? 
photo. Pocari Sweat is a product of the development of the infusion, but the different levels and the intended use. If the infusion is used as a remedy for a state of emergency and how to use them through the blood vessels, while Pocari Sweat is a soft drink that can be consumed at any time and through the digestive tract. 

POCARI SWEAT What is the same with ORS? 
photo. Pocari Sweat electrolyte content in the ORS is not as much, because the purpose of usage is different. ORS was created as a remedy for the relief of severe diarrhea, while soft drink Pocari Sweat is. However, the state of mild diarrhea, Pocari Sweat can be used to help prevent dehydration from the diarrhea. 

How much should drink in a day? 
There is no limit to how many daily consumption. Pocari Sweat drink as needed.  

If most drink Pocari Sweat is there any side effects? 
There are no side effects along all normal organ function. Excess electrolyte will be disposed of through urine or sweat, so no problem. 

Was SWEAT POCARI can make me fat? 
No, because the calorie content is smaller when compared with cola or fruit juice in containers. 

Perhaps kept in the fridge?  
permitted, provided it's not in the freezer (ice maker). At cold temperatures, it is feared there will be additional pressure due to the contents of the cans were frozen and the pressure can cause leaks in cans. So as to prevent damage to the cans is not recommended to store in the freezer Pocari Sweat. 

Pocari Sweat cans with the same sachet? 
Same composition and quality, if one sachet dissolved in 200ml of cold water and mix evenly as stated on the sachet. 

Why taste of Pocari Sweat cans & sachet different? 
There are several factors:  
The amount of water to dissolve 1 sachet POCARI SWEAT imprecise and not 200 mL of cold water. 
Stirring the uneven 
quality of water used is different from that we used for packing cans. 
example, the water used was tap water containing chlorine solution so that it can affect the taste of Pocari Sweat. 

Gynecology electrolyte sachets contained in the packaging it after / before mixed with water? 
After diluted with water (15 g in 200 ml of cold water) 

At the time there was open as gas cans? 
During charging, added nitrogen gas to maintain the pressure in the tin cans that are not easily damaged / dented. The addition of nitrogen gas does not affect the contents of the tin itself because the gas is not mixed with a solution, only occupy the empty space at the top of the tin. 

How long can last after opening the can? 
If cans have been opened, the contents should be spent immediately even if stored in the refrigerator . If left too long in the open state, feared contaminated by bacteria, so the quality is not guaranteed anymore. 

How long expire date for cans and sachets? 
For canned 1 year (before it opened), for 1.5 years in a state sachet dissolved yet. 

Wear preservatives? 
photo . Factors causing decay is the presence of spoilage bacteria that live in oxygen.Therefore, before loading into cans, POCARI solution SWEAT pembusuknya pasteurized so the bacteria die. To expel oxygen as a place to live bacteria, was added to the nitrogen gas cans. Since the two factors that cause decay has been removed, then Pocari Sweat can stand without preservatives. 

Contents 1 How many cartons, how much is it? 
24 cans, the retail price of USD 3,500 / cans (Rp 84,000 / carton). To be able to purchase directly to the outlet. 

1 box of how many sachets and at what price?  
1 box of 5 sachets @ Rp 1,500 (U.S. $ 7,500 / box). To be able to purchase directly to the outlet. 

Why sometimes drink Pocari Sweat does not taste the same? 
Sense drinks or food is influenced by the taste sensor that is in our tongue (sour, sweet, bitter, sour and salty) and the sensor is very sensitive to the temperature of food / drinks.So, if you drink Pocari Sweat is less cold than the cold, of course it feels to be different. 

How if taken after the expiration date daluawarsa? 
Not recommended to consume through daluwarsanya date change has occurred because of the possibility flavor.  

When should drink Pocari Sweat? 
Whenever course. Suggestion: the morning after waking up and at night before bed so that fresher bodies. During sleep the body is losing fluids. As a result, by the time you wake up the body so it feels less fresh. It is advisable to consume Pocari Sweat in the cold. 

Was it just for sport? 
Of course not. Whenever we lose fluid, it runs good sport, activity in the office or at home, hot weather or during an illness (fever, vomiting, diarrhea) we could consume Pocari Sweat. 

Perhaps taken together with drugs? 

It may be mixed with other drinks? What is the effect? 
​​permitted. Does not give any effect. 

What could to eliminate drunk from drinking liquor / alcohol? 
liquor / alcohol attracts water in the body is causing the body to become dehydrated. At the time of dehydration, alcohol content becomes bound to the blood. Coupled with the lack of oxygen supply to the brain causes consciousness becomes impaired. This is why the next day we woke up with a headache. With drink Pocari Sweat, dehydration can be overcome so that the ties of blood alcohol can be separated and eliminate the headaches occur. If that happens already severely intoxicated, where the drinker unconscious, it must be assisted to drink milk to neutralize the alcohol in the blood bond.

Upon usually drink Pocari Sweat then stopped. What could be so addictive? 
There will be hooked for Pocari Sweat does not contain ingredients that can lead to addiction, such as caffeine. 

Is SWEAT POCARI be for the kids? 
permitted. From the age of 6 months, if the child likes it should be given. 

what can be given to children to increase appetite? 
POCARI SWEAT not appetite enhancer.  

What should be given to a child who has a fever? 
permitted, even encouraged. When the fever, the child's body sweat, and this can lead to dehydration. Pocari Sweat can prevent the dehydration. 

What should be given to a child who has diarrhea? 
permitted. But if classified as severe diarrhea, ORS remains to be assisted. 

Is SWEAT POCARI allowed for pregnant women? 
Perhaps consumed and there is no problem, especially in pregnant mothers usually easier to sweat so much lost body fluids. In addition, Pocari Sweat also contains no soda and preservatives so it is safe. 

pregnancy Is there an age limit to drink Pocari Sweat? 
Nothing. Ranging from young to old pregnant pregnant should consume Pocari Sweat. 

Is it okay for moms who are breastfeeding? 
permitted, even encouraged. Because while breastfeeding, many mothers need enough fluids so that her milk supply. Supply of food or fluid can drink. But the needs of electrolyte also can not be less. Because it is highly recommended to drink Pocari Sweat. 

Was be consumed by mothers who give birth? 
permitted, even encouraged. After delivery, the mother not only exhausted but also lost a lot of body fluid through sweat. Because it is recommended to drink Pocari Sweat that the body could be fresh again. 

Does Pocari Sweat is allowed for heartburn? 
permitted. If it maagnya'm not a relapse, should be taken before meals, because it does not contain soda Pocari Sweat so safe. However, if maagnya is being recurrence, Pocari Sweat drink preferably after meals, because the current condition of gastric ulcer recurrence was more sensitive than normal. 

Was SWEAT POCARI be for the diabetes? 
Patients with diabetes does not mean not to eat sugar, but must restrict calories entry. If you want to drink Pocari Sweat should not coincide with meal times because blood sugar levels will rise rapidly. Consult your doctor / nutritionist regarding the amount and when should drink Pocari Sweat. 

Was SWEAT POCARI be for the diarrhea? 
permitted. Diarrhea does not always mean diarrheal diseases because it actually is a natural mechanism to remove foreign objects (including toxins) from the body. At the time of issuance of the foreign object body fluids also come out so that the body is dehydrated. Therefore, the body needs to Pocari Sweat to replace the fluids lost. In cases of severe diarrhea, where the frequency of bowel movements could reach more than 20 times a day, going on to lose large amounts of body fluids and it is in need of replacement fluids quickly and in large numbers anyway so as not to dehydrate. At this stage, where diarrhea has been classified as a disease, aid given should be assisted by the ORS. 

Was SWEAT POCARI allowed for kidney pain? 
recommend that you consult with a doctor. Usually kidney disease in people (except kidney stones), food and beverages are limited in number, including water. 

Was Pocari Sweat is for dengue fever? 
In patients with dengue fever usually occurs and also waste water so that they lose a lot of body fluids. As a result of dehydration is often made ​​of the patient's condition became worse. Pocari Sweat replace lost body fluids so that the condition of the patient can recover faster. So, instead of Pocari Sweat dengue drugs. 

Is it suitable for people who are thypus? 
On thypus patients, they usually experience a high fever so many lost body fluids. Loss of body fluids can be replaced by Pocari Sweat. But if there is a wound in the stomach, you should consult your doctor when and how much should drink Pocari Sweat. 

Perhaps for people who are sick heart? 
recommend that you consult with a doctor. 

How about the people who have high blood pressure / hypertension? 
recommend that you consult with a doctor.

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